We protect our Clients from the liability which may arise directly or indirectly as a result of their negligence. Liability arises in most cases when a person liable to pay compensation for losses inflicted as a result of wrongfully causing harm to others either by injuring or damaging their property.

Due to the increasing size of compensation awards, steeply rising legal costs in most countries and the consequences of a major liability claim, we advise our clients on the need to insure against commercial risks as the only alternative to this risk is potential insolvency.

Some of our products include but not limited to:

Public Product Liability Insurance

Scope of Cover:  This policy will provide indemnity in respect of your liability or that of any person for whose acts you are responsible as a result of defects in your buildings, machineries, ways and works, products sold, supplied, serviced or processed by or on your behalf or arising through defects in the containers of goods or the wrong labeling thereof resulting in illness, death or bodily injury to third party, loss or damage to third party properties.

Extensions: Fire and Explosion, Riot and Strike, Use of hoists, cranes, lifts and elevators, Foods and beverages served to visitors, Illness caused as a result of defective sanitary arrangement.

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Scope of Cover: This policy will indemnify you in respect of any loss arising from claims for breach of duty which may be made against you by reason of any neglect, error or omission, whatever or where ever committed or alleged to have been committed in the conduct of your business in a professional capacity by any person in your employment.

To enable us negotiate competitive cover on your behalf, we will need information on the number of members of staff whose decisions can easily leave their department open to liability and their full qualifications.

Exclusions: Infringement of copyright, trade, market or patent, Libel or slander, Dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or malicious act of the insured or partners, directors or employees, Negligence by a sub-contractor, War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations.

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